ARTA Launches ConverSAID Live Classrooms

ARTA launches ConverSAID Live Online Classrooms

By: Travis James, Conversaid Founder

For years, the internet has made the world knowledge base more accessible. From accessible books and access tools like screen sharing, Voip phones, and video streaming, we’ve seen technology that have forever changed the day-to-day education for learners worldwide. One of the most recently developed technologies is Conversaid.

ARTA, an website design & development network that connects learners and students to highly-trained, website design & development specialists, is available through a smartphone app or through ConverSAID – learning management system (LMS).

Foreign speakers in the IT industry are being employed in the Boston, New York, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Austin epicenters with a vengeance and with the training support of CONVERSAID technology.

ARTA delivers On-Demand access to world renowned trainers at the touch of a button, filling in many of the unknowns experienced by foreign speakers and improving everyday conversations, communications, and relationships.

ARTA is still gaining traction within the Healthcare field. Hospitals trying to staff medical professionals with patient services is how ARTA works and how it’s improving the patient care of foreign accented medical personnel. Since we launched ConverSAID in late May/early June, we’ve introduced the ConverSAID live chat platform to foreign doctors at the largest nation’s hospitals.

When it comes to learning, ConverSAID is not meant to replace ARTA live instruction. ConverSAID boosts and enhances your experience throughout training, from learning new pronunciation, trainer weekly check ups, searching glossary by topic, answering questions privately, and more. This allows students to have added instruction for faster response times and a richer experience overall.

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