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Features & Benefits:

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Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll get as an Annual Member:

— Custom Transcripts: Accent Classes (Your accent trainer will customize these for you.)

— A 24/7 Forum Conversation Room so you can interact live with other ARTA members anytime you have a challenge or want to ask questions

— Your “Network Contacts” where you can connect with other members or teachers to “connect” together

— Newly released transcripts uploads of ARTA classroom sharing tips and lessons for teaching and learning the Self-Paced Principles that are not publicly available to non-members

— A Calendar with all upcoming dates and details

— The Latest ARTA News to keep you in the loop

— The Latest articles that ARTA Trainer’s have published with new strategies for teaching and learning

  Access to the Members’ Forum

— Access to dozens of ARTA accent teaching & training principles for success – The Speech and Communication Strategies you can review anytime.

— Access to the latest “Conversaid” Website

— Access to the latest Q&A Accent Class Video

— Access to the latest uploaded Accent Reduction mp4, .wav files

— JUST ADDED: Monthly Live Chat Conversation sessions by topic (i.e. The Keys to Accent Mistake Monitoring, Handling Common Pronunciation Pitfalls, Taking the Stress out of your workplace conversations and increase social awareness, etc.)
— and more!

The price for membership is $0.00 now and then $209.00/month (billed semi-annually $2499) every 12 Months after your 14 day trial.

Satisfaction Guarantee

No contract, no commitment.
Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.
Every plan comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Founder, Director – Travis James –

At the time that he opened New York Speech Consulting in downtown Manhattan (SoHo), New York City, Travis was considering a (more)>>

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